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HMPL Consulting is one of the Industry's leading independent consultancy with a diverse team of technocrats, each recognized as experts in their respective field of audio and acoustic Engineering.

Headquartered in India with Branch Offices in the UAE, UK, Philippines, Australia and the US.

HMPL takes pride in having worked with some of the world's largest corporations across enterprise and has been part of several signature buildings in association with International leading architects and project managers across the globe.

The company is built on the philosophy of values, making a difference in the way Technology is designed and managed.

HMPL is renowned for being an independent consultancy having no alliance, allegiance to any manufacturer, system integrator or solution provider.

HMPL strives to make a positive difference with quality work delivered in every project across the globe.

HMPL's extensive experience and in-house expertise gives our partners the confidence towards our responsible and committed accountability on all our project engagements.

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